To our community:

It is with sadness that we inform you that Pride & Swagger will be closing its doors. As you are

well aware, the pandemic has taken a substantial toll on the bar and restaurant industry, and we

must regrettably add our name to the list of institutions to close. We do so with a sense of

solemnity, in recognition of the tragic impact the pandemic has had on so many lives and


But we have faced an additional challenge, one that shocked us to be experiencing on 17th

Avenue in Denver, in this day and age: we feel we were the targets of discrimination for being a

bar that caters to the LGBTQ+ community. While we are moving forward, we felt an obligation

to let our community know. To all our loyal patrons, allies, staff, and entertainers, we hope this

provides some insight and explanation into what we faced in trying to keep our bar running and

supporting shows almost seven days a week. Know we fought tooth and nail to keep things


While things at this location may not have worked out the way we hoped, we will be looking for

a new home for Pride & Swagger in the future. So, please keep your eyes out on social media

for any updates and information.

Thank you to everyone and our amazing community, staff, entertainers, and allies. We love you!